Coin Grading

How do we grade our coins?

We grade our coins conservatively and the gradings given are our opinion only. It must be remembered that grading is subjective, which is why we generally supply photographs of our coins, so that buyers can make their own assessments prior to purchase. We also often give further information in a coin’s description.

Our Gradings

(High to low)

  • FDC
    A coin which is in more or less perfect state
    A coin in mint condition which has never been in circulation, although it may show signs of contact with other coins during and after the minting process
    A coin with crisp, clear detail and showing hardly any signs of wear on it at first glance. On closer examination, there is minor wear visible to the highest points of the coin
    A coin showing good detail, but signs of wear are obvious at first glance
  • FINE
    A coin showing general signs of wear, but with its legends and date still readable
    A coin which is worn with only small areas of detail left
  • POOR
    A coin which is very worn and has little detail remaining

We also use intermediate gradings based on the above, and a 1 – 10 system, 1 being the best, 10 being poor.